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ADDSAviation Digital Data Service
ADDSAfrica Data Dissemination Service
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Service
ADDSAutomated Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Data Distribution System
ADDSAmerican Digestive Disease Society
ADDSAutomatic Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing System
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System (combat flare & chaff jamming system equipment)
ADDSAdvanced Dish Development System (renewable energy)
ADDSAir Deployable Delivery System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing Subsystem
ADDSApplied Digital Data Systems Incorporated
ADDSAerial Delivery Dispensing System
ADDSAutomatic Document Distribution Service
ADDSAutomated Departmental Directives System
ADDSAdvanced Development Docking System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Services
ADDSAeronautical Digital Data System
ADDSAir Deployment Delivery System
ADDSATOS Data Distribution System
ADDSAutomated Design and Documentation System
ADDSAutomated Direct Dispatch System
ADDSAnti-Depressant Discontinuation Syndrome
ADDSAutomated Departure Display System (airports)
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He was an old friend of McCarthy's, and, I may add, a great benefactor to him, for I have learned that he gave him Hatherley Farm rent free.
If, then, these are the only parts of an animal and there are differences between them; namely, in their various sorts of stomachs, bellies, and sensoriums: to which we must add their motive powers; the number of the combinations of all these must necessarily make up the different species of animals.
President and gentlemen," he began, assuming a parliamentary attitude and tone, "I wish to propose the admission of a new member--one who highly deserves the honor, would be deeply grateful for it, and would add immensely to the spirit of the club, the literary value of the paper, and be no end jolly and nice.
I add these lines to your sister's letter because I am not sure that you are quite so fit yet, as she thinks you, to accept her proposal.
Let them have change of vestments if they require it, and fire, and water to wash, and wine and ale; and bid the cooks add what they hastily can to our evening meal; and let it be put on the board when those strangers are ready to share it.
I am sure you neglect nothing that can add to the beauties of that noble place.
Taking Three as the subject to reason about-- A convenient number to state-- We add Seven, and Ten, and then multiply out By One Thousand diminished by Eight.
We did not know how to add strength together and become strong.
Writing to my legal adviser in this sense, I had a word of my own to add on the subject of the torn letter.
and will you please add that I do not omit to remember her in my prayers?
As I feel that the opportunities which I enjoyed of studying the Natural History of the different countries we visited, have been wholly due to Captain Fitz Roy, I hope I may here be permitted to repeat my expression of gratitude to him; and to add that, during the five years we were together, I received from him the most cordial friendship and steady assistance.
Bert and Mary joined in; but when Billy attempted to add his voice he was dissuaded by a shin-kick from Bert.