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ADDSActive Directory Domain Services (Microsoft Windows)
ADDSAviation Digital Data Service
ADDSActive Directory Domain Services
ADDSAfrica Data Dissemination Service
ADDSArmy Data Distribution System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Service
ADDSAutomated Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Data Distribution System
ADDSAmerican Digestive Disease Society
ADDSAutomatic Data Distribution System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing System
ADDSAdvanced Dish Development System (renewable energy)
ADDSAdvanced Digital Dispensing System (combat flare & chaff jamming system equipment)
ADDSAir Deployable Delivery System
ADDSAdvanced Display and Debriefing Subsystem
ADDSApplied Digital Data Systems Incorporated
ADDSAerial Delivery Dispensing System
ADDSAutomatic Document Distribution Service
ADDSAdvanced Development Docking System
ADDSAutomated Departmental Directives System
ADDSAeronautical Digital Data System
ADDSApplication Data Delivery Services
ADDSAir Deployment Delivery System
ADDSATOS Data Distribution System
ADDSAutomated Direct Dispatch System
ADDSAnti-Depressant Discontinuation Syndrome
ADDSAutomated Design and Documentation System
ADDSAutomated Departure Display System (airports)
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Of the different sorts of the first are husbandmen, artificers, exchange-men, who are employed in buying and selling, seamen, of which some are engaged in war, some in traffic, some in carrying goods and passengers from place to place, others in fishing, and of each of these there are often many, as fishermen at Tarentum and Byzantium, masters of galleys at Athens, merchants at AEgina and Chios, those who let ships on freight at Tenedos; we may add to these those who live by their manual labour and have but little property; so that they cannot live without some employ: and also those who are not free-born on both sides, and whatever other sort of common people there may be.
All this she must possess," added Darcy, "and to all this she must yet add something more substantial, in the improvement of her mind by extensive reading.
We Fish-Eaters had not learned to add our strength until our strength was the strength of all of us.
But in the end we agreed to add our strength together and to be as one man when the Meat-Eaters came over the divide to steal our women.
Yet Split-Nose said no; that he did not want to go back, but ahead; that they grew strong only as they added their strength together; and that, if the Fish-Eaters would add their strength to the Meat-Eaters, there would be no more fighting and no more watchers and no more guards, and that, with all men working, there would be so much food that each man would have to work not more than two hours a day.
Let us add our strength and their strength together.
The strength of the strong will be theirs, and they will add their strength together, so that, of all the men in the world, not one will fight with another.
I add these lines to your sister's letter because I am not sure that you are quite so fit yet, as she thinks you, to accept her proposal.
Before he could add another word she left the table as suddenly as she had approached it, and returned to her chair.
2 : to join or unite to something <They plan to add a room to the house.
Then I add the vegetables and herbs and cook a minute until they smell fragrant.
The Pushtrusion process can process amorphous materials, which have historically been difficult for long-fiber molding due to their tendency toward higher viscosity than crystalline resins, adds Lee.