ADECAAlabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs
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ADECA cautions readers that the agency does not guarantee the accuracy of figures reported in the data (ADECA, 2000) because the data are based on information received from participant companies and local zone coordinators.
Based on Tables 3 and 4, ADECA concludes that the EZ program is effective in creating new jobs and capital investment (ADECA, 2000).
Although the annual EZ reports prepared by ADECA conclude that the Alabama EZ program as a whole is a cost efficient tool for promoting economic development of distressed areas in the state (ADECA, 2000), the survey results and interviews with zone coordinators and businesses indicate there is high probability that any growth within the enterprise zone is not directly attributable to EZ program.
The lone responding zone coordinator also indicated that he did not submit an annual report to ADECA as the enacting legislation requires (Code of Alabama.
Specifically, the lack of professionalism was clearly evident on the part of individuals working within ADECA and the Alabama Department of Revenue.
We also had phone conversations and email correspondence with representatives of several businesses listed by ADECA who did not know what the Enterprise Zone program was and claimed to have never participated in the program.
ADECA and Jazztel also plan to extend the network across companies located within the predicted extended area of the Campollano Business Park, currently 3 million square metres in size and which, as of June this year will expand by more than 600,000 square metres in order to accommodate another 150 companies.