ADEIAdvanced Dental Education Institute (Burlington, Ontario, Canada)
ADEIAustralian Disability Enterprise Initiative
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The Sun quoted Malaysian Science, Technology and Environment Minister Law Hieng Ding as saying he will meet his Indonesian counterpart, Sonny Keraf, for talks on the slash-and-burn methods used by three Malaysian-Indonesian joint ventures -- PT ADEI Plantation, PT Jatin Jaya Perkasa and PT Multi Gambut.
The services cover nine facilities - The supply, installation and connection of GE- The achievement of a storage yard,- The achievement of a host platform GE- The connection of GE as the case ADEI on cabinets (cabinet important equipment), ADES (cabinet equipment rescued) and CCS (cabinet source switching)- Setting up and connecting the various boxes (high and low currents) needed to operate the GE and its operation (supervision).