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ADEMAAccès des Demandeurs d'Emploi aux Métiers Agricoles (French: Access for Job Seekers of Agricultural Professions; job training program)
ADEMAAlliance for Democracy in Mali
ADEMAAssociation pour le Développement du Management Associatif (French management development association)
ADEMAAssociation pour le Développement de l'Enseignement Médical par l'Audiovisuel
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The author thanks Guy Adema, Lisa Matlock, and Ingrid Nixon for sharing their experiences for this article, as well as many other colleagues in science and interpretation who have added to her understanding of the intersection of these two disciplines.
In legislative elections held in July 2007, the ADEMA Party regained the majority it lost in 2002, winning 51 seats, ahead of another party aligned with President Toure, the Union for Republic and Democracy (URD), which won 36.
But the record was finally broken when Madagascan league champions AS Adema won a match 149-0, more than quadrupling the existing record and without gaining possession between the first goal and the 149th.
My conclusion to the death is acute pulmonary adema and laryngitis.
While estimates of child poverty vary according to the way it is defined and measured, commonly used snap-shot measures of child poverty suggest that at the turn of the 21st century, between 12 and 15 percent of Australian children were living in income-poverty (Whiteford & Adema, 2007; UNICEF, 2007; Wooden & Headey, 2005).
We rely heavily on cross-national studies published by the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) and the Social Security Administration (SSA) for our discussion (see Adema and Ladaique, 2005; SSA, 2004).
A study by Marshall and Adema (2005) found that the overall coding error in a health system in Florida was 84.
This strategic alliance underlines the importance of the Nordic market for MrTed," says Robert Adema, Director Sales and Marketing.
Only three bulls catalogued carried the famous Marius bloodline and the Moffitt family purchased a yearling bull calf known as Adema 88, for 7,000 guineas.
These two characteristics are largely consistent, although as Adema notes, at the margins they create tensions.
Adema looked like a band on the outs after lineup changes and dwindling sales with successive albums followed a strong start for this L.
In its first three years, the tour brought together almost 20 different performers, including Adema, Cypress Hill, Korn, Snoop Dogg and Mudvayne.