ADEOSAdvanced Earth Observing Satellite
ADEOSAdvanced Earth Observing Mission
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But at the same time they noted with concern that the government has ignored the management cadre officers of education department including ADEOs in up gradation policy", he maintained.
ADEOS II is a joint program between NASA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and Japan's National Space Development Agency (NASDA) aimed at monitoring global environmental.
These ground stations provide Orbital's customers with the world's most advanced ground-based satellite technology, enabling them to access data from many of the world's imaging satellites, including Orbital's own ORBIMAGE family of satellites, as well as Canada's RADARSAT, the United States' LANDSAT, Japan's ADEOS, France's SPOT, and a number of other satellites.
Space Electronics microcircuits are currently in orbit aboard many spacecraft, including CRRES, GEOTAIL, TOMS, ISTP, CASSINI, DMSP, GPS, XTE, Mars Surveyor, ADEOS, and several classified satellites.