ADHEArkansas Department of Higher Education
ADHEBifunctional Aldehyde/Alcohol Dehydrogenase (biology)
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Additionally, supporting materials such as transcripts and other required documentation must be received by ADHE no later than June 15.
The state government's effort to create more college graduates among Arkansas' population - of which the lottery scholarship is a major part - is showing success, according to ADHE figures.
What are ADHE and the individual schools doing to match curricula to the needs of Arkansas employers?
We've seen a growth in enrollment, specifically at four-year institutions, enhanced by lottery dollars and the Academic Challenge Program," Broadway said, referring to a scholarship offered by ADHE.
ADHE is always working to get more students into college.
Other groups ADHE is targeting are minorities--68,9 percent of fall 2011 four-year students were white--and adults who started but didn't finish college.
Broadway said ADHE was trying to break the "cycle of poverty," where families repeat similar patterns of education and employment.
She said that it is the program, not the institution itself, which the ADHE certifies.
This smart phone application will allow students to complete the YOUniversal financial aid scholarship application from their iPhone, Android, or other device with a browser as easily as they would on our website," said Shane Broadway, interim director of ADHE.
Shane's appointment is a great choice," Jim Pureell, ADHE director, said in a news release.
For current and future students, the Academic Challenge Scholarship program funded by the Arkansas Scholarship Lottery may be a big help, according to Jim Purcell, director of the ADHE.
Brandi Hinkle, communications coordinator for the ADHE, said that that was the point of the scholarships, which are $2,500 a year for students at two-year colleges and $.