ADHPAdvanced Dental Hygiene Practitioner
ADHPAlabama Dental Hygiene Program
ADHPAlabama Department of Public Health
ADHPAllain Duhangan Hydroelectric Project (Allain & Duhangan Hydro Power Ltd.; India)
ADHPAssociation for the Development of Human Potential
ADHPAuthenticated Diffie-Hellman Protocol (cryptography)
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CySEC decided to suspend all the voting rights exceeding 30% that the Company possibly holds today, either directly or via persons acting in agreement with ADHP during the general meetings for one year.
Over the past eight years, as I have reflected on those two issues, promoting the ADHP and hiring an executive director, it is so amazing to see where they have led.
9) Thus the ADHA's ADHP model serves as a plausible solution to limited oral health access by expanding the existing roles of hygienists with both direct access and expanded scope of dental hygiene practice.
The ADT model is more congruent with ADHA's ADHP model since it builds upon the knowledge gained from dental hygiene education and experience and supplements the preventive hygiene care with restorative dental therapy functions to define the ADT as a true mid-level provider.
If the ADHP is all about creating more jobs, it is the wrong direction
ADHA applauded this finding, as it underscores the ability of non-dentist providers, like the ADHP or a dental therapist/dental hygienist hybrid, to provide such care to those patients in need.
In all this liaison work, ADHA advocated for dental hygienists and the ADHP model.
The ADHP model is proposed by ADHA as a mid-level oral health care provider that will leverage the existing dental hygiene workforce to have an even greater impact on the delivery of care.
When asked about the benefit of a mid-level provider, such as an ADHP or dental therapist designation, Van Sant responded, "Because I am the only dental hygienist in South Carolina providing these types of services, I wonder if offering mid-level training wouldn't help other hygienists feel more confident about undertaking work like this.
In addition, with an eye toward the future, we discussed the ADHP model and the impact that we believe the new provider could have in bringing care to those who are currently outside the oral health care system.
The current trends affecting the practice of dental hygiene are: The development of the ADHP mid-level provider and, as always, access to care for the underserved.
Place ADHP or mid-level providers in schools to work on a referral basis with a local public health dentist.