ADIDAdvanced Identification
ADIDAtlanta Downtown Improvement District (public-private partnership; Georgia)
ADIDAuthority and Description Identifier (US NASA)
ADIDArchitectural Design & Interior Design
ADIDAircraft Data Interface Device
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We have evaluated the performance of the developed ADID adapters in two usability studies and an animal study.
The ADID adapter (Figs IB, 1C, ID) was developed for use with an auto disable syringe by Helm Medical, Gmbl.
The ADID adapter is a disposable, single-use component injection-molded in medical-grade polycarbonate.
The ADID adapters were evaluated with both bevel up (BU) and bevel down (BD) lancet orientation.
The usability test results illustrated a substantial increase in the injection success rate with the ADID adapter as compared to unaided Mantoux.
There were a few issues limiting the ADID adapter effectiveness at the nurse study in Chicago, IL:
An animal study was performed to further evaluate the ADID adapter prior to a human saline study.
The developed ADID adapter addresses the need for the prevention of device reuse identified by World Health Organization (WHO) as a critical requirement.
The evaluated ADID adapters were designed to place the needle tip at a consistent depth of 0.
Based on the results of preclinical studies, the prototype ADID adapters were found suitable for human studies and were used in evaluating intradermal delivery applications requiring auto disable functionality offered by this adapter.
Such was the case when last month Jorge Ramos, the TV newsman who made it to the cover of Time Magazine, tried to interview Ann Coulter, the outspoken conservative personality, regarding her latest book, Adids America, about the supposed perils of immigration.
International Journal of STD and ADIDS 16 (10) 671-673