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Kate Adie reported from Bosnia at the height of the conflict with Arthur alongside her as her producer.
Adie ROYALROY MARINES COMMANDO SCHOOL (9pm Channel 4) THIS week we follow the fortunes of non-sporty graduate and former Wetherspoons employee Adam Greene as he and the others prepare to tackle the dreaded Bottom Field assault course.
Kate Adie | Kate Adie Many women took on "men's" jobs, from making shells and driving trams to playing football in front of thousands of spectators.
BAE Systems spokesman Andy Mann said: "We were delighted to be able to assist the BBC and Kate Adie in the production of these programmes.
Adie also admitted the burial charge and receiving a total of PS77,318 in benefits in his name by also claiming a carer's allowance and income support.
Wearing black-rimmed glasses, an oversized red cord suit jacket over a black poloneck and baggy black cargo trousers, Adie is standing next to several rather oddlooking tribal masks in Gallery 4.
Adie, 39, then sent the player and a teammate wearing black cycling undershorts to the sidelines to change in front of more than 200 spectators.
Dubai The censorship of wars has been around for a "long time", veteran BBC reporter Kate Adie said to a packed audience at the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature yesterday.
It's getting fluffier," Adie says, citing an increase of showbiz and other news stories which could be deemed not too significant and not quite the potentially life-changing piece of news that journalists should be reporting on, in her opinion.
The Pics booked their place two weeks ago after defeating Romulus and while Kitching admits he would have wanted to have played the final quickly he accepts the extra few weeks will benefit injured duo Niki Preston and Adie Smith.
Stephen Adie, 44, was arrested last Thursday at an address in Warwickshire.