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ADIOSAutomated Download and Installation of Operating Systems
ADIOSAutomatic Digital Input/Output System
ADIOSAngels Die in Outlaw States (motorcycle gang slogan)
ADIOSApproved Driving Instructors of Scotland (UK)
ADIOSAsian Dust Inputs to the Ocean System (study on how dust from the Gobi desert affects the oceans)
ADIOSAegis Display Integrated Operating System (ships)
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Heck, he's run such a bad campaign that he made Adios, Mofo look positively professional in contrast, even though most days I just sat at my desk wearing boxers and an undershirt.
Although he officially broke with the Sandinista Party in 1994 and proclaims himself a Social Democrat in Adios muchachos, he strongly endorsed the Sandinista cultural policy of socialist realism announced in the first issue of Nicarauac (May-June 1980).
Both Slam and Adios rely on carbaryl to kill adult rootworms.
An untangling of bodies asleep allows an untangling of lives, and soon an absence as vast as the cosmos slips in from almost nowhere at all while you doze: "a sisterly severance, a cutting of cookies, adios fraternos.
Le Prix de la premiere oeuvre est alle a Adios Carmen, le tres beau recit quasiment autobiographique de Mohamed Amin Benamraoui qui a obtenu le prix du meilleur second role masculin (voir details du palmares dans l'encadre).
from France; schadenfreude from Germany; nada and adios from Spain, arriverdeci from Italy etc However, I do get tired of reading practicing where it should be practising.
2 mile race for the first time in his adidas adiZero adios running shoes, adorned with stats from his 26 world records.
The top-selling brands are Slimfast, Alli, Celebrity Slim, ADIOS and Lipobind.
Another big spender in the four weeks to 8 February was Adios Max, which was launched last May in response to rising consumer demand for quick-fix weight-loss aids and supplements.
However audiences take to Hoffman and the movie, Kwietniowski is chomping at the bit to tackle his next, most likely an "erotic caper movie" based on Daniel Chavarria's novel Adios Muchachos, about a gorgeous Cuban prostitute and a larcenous, libidinous middle-aged man who resembles Mel Gibson.
Switch on your smartphone in Spain from April 1 and say adios to those pesky roaming charges.