ADIPAnother Day in Paradise
ADIPAccelerated Development and Introduction Plan (vaccines in the developing world)
ADIPAddress in Pregroove (DVD technology)
ADIPArmy Diagnostic Improvement Program
ADIPAlloy Development Intercorrelation Program
ADIPAegis DECM Improvement Program
ADIPAlloy Development for Irradiation Performance
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The ADIP is the protein that is linked to the fiber, especially the lignin, which is not used in any compartment of the gastrointestinal tract and is therefore eliminated in feces.
ADIP abbreviates "Address In Pre-Groove," and PRML abbreviates "Partial Response Maximum Likelihood.
Shell Global Solutions has strong market positions in gas-treating technologies through products that include ADIP, Sulfinol, SCOT and, more recently, a biological H2S removal process developed with Paques and UOP.
To this end, the contractor must submit to the ADIP, with the start of the guarantee period, a letter of guarantee good operation amount equal to 2% of the contract price excluding VAT.
After more than two years of intensive development, Adips (the company behind the service) has published the Rublon API, making it available to web developers and website owners.
Fluorescent signal on adipokine microsphere, % (a) Adipo (b) Adips CatS Chem GMCSF Adipokine recombinant protein Adiponectin 0.
ADIPS has tapped into the expertise of fellow Wearside business Pulse Creative Marketing to market itself in the UK and, more recently, to promote its messages in overseas markets.
Pulse also helped secure funding towards the cost of the marketing activity allowing ADIPS to put in place an ongoing campaign.
Luke said: "Marketing is really important to ADIPS as the audience is so broad; it not only includes the end user of a ride but the operators and other stakeholders such as government officials.
From its home at the North East Business and Innovation Centre (BIC), ADIPS administers the safety scheme which covers a series of steps and checks, similar to a vehicle MOT, designed to ensure the health and safety of fairground attractions from design through to disposal.
ADIPS were approached to advise and share their experiences of the implementation of a safety framework for the industry.
It has also helped secure funding towards the cost of the marketing activity allowing ADIPS to launch an ongoing campaign.