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ADITAdvanced Diploma in Information Technology (various organizations)
ADITAgence pour la Diffusion de l'Information Technologique
ADITAlien Documentation, Identification and Telecommunication System (US Immigration)
ADITAccessibility for people with Disabilities through standards, Interoperability and Testing (GSA program)
ADITAnalog-Digital Integration Translator
ADITAutomatic Detection and Integrated Track
ADITAccelerator-Driven Transmutation Technologies
ADITAircraft Damage Investigation Team
ADITAutomatic Digital Test
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Triponyu, Adit further said, is open for investment and cooperation with other parties and targets to grow significantly year to year.
This type of processing is made possible by Res2Dinv software and it is recommended to apply when a subsurface resistivity changes in a sharp manner what is expected in the case of presence of an adit, flysch and near surface soils.
These test samples were taken as part of a 25-ton bulk sampling programme from the lower adit at the company's Aukam project.
Luiz Henrique Lessa, the association president, said, 'The transition of ADIT from a regional to a national organization in 2010 has opened the door to even greater opportunities for both the organization and those in attendance.
When we first launched ADIT, we said that we aimed to make this event a calendar highlight on the global triathlon circuit.
This was probably the result of an emergence of adults from either the river outside the adit or the stream within it (a single pupal Trichoptera was recorded, indicating that individuals were emerging within the adit).
Equant cyclic twins to 4 mm have been found associated with galena bodies in the lower adit.
Optimized for a wide range of applications, the Adit 600 combines multi-network access and multi-service delivery capabilities into a single compact chassis.
Drilling Commences on Underground Adit into High Grade Gold Zones
Primed to be an "instant classic", the adrenaline-pumping ADIT will boast two unique lengths, a testing 223 km "pure power" course and a second 111.
The conference, Doing it the Northern Way, is held on June 8 and will feature presentations by Adit and by some of Adit's approved framework suppliers.
The mineralization observed in the lower Teddy adit is consistent with the company's interpretation that mineralization was emplaced in Prichard strata at the time of deposition in the Precambrian time or shortly thereafter.