ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
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The Republic of China (Taiwan) is an adjacent ADIZ state and the government expresses regret that the Japanese side did not communicate fully (with us) first,'' the statement said.
The MSDF gave up its chase of the vessel, however, after it went beyond Japan's ADIZ.
The spokesman reaffirmed that the establishment of the ADIZ is a purely defensive move to safeguard national security, normal order and the safety of flights over the East China Sea.
Japan's daily newspaper Asahi Shimbun reported lasst week that China had drafted proposals for an ADIZ over the South China Sea.
Tokyo and Seoul have refused to recognise the ADIZ, which was set up in November.
The way an ADIZ works is that it extends a sort of sovereignty, a type of territoriality to airspace beyond ones geographic territory.
But forcing incoming aircraft to do just that is the whole point of creating an ADIZ.
But China's recent assertiveness -- including its unilateral declaration last November of a new air-defense identification zone, which overlaps about 3,000 square kilometers of South Korea's own ADIZ, in the Sea of Japan -- has encouraged Park to shore up her country's security ties with India.
Three days after China announced its ADIZ, the United States deployed two B-52 bombers to the zone without notifying China, and on December 5, a U.
China expresses regret over Seoul's decision of expanding the ADIZ, foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei said Monday.
This announcement by the People's Republic of China will not in any way change how the United States conducts military operations in the region," said US Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and later the US Air Force flew two B-52 bombers from Guam into the ADIZ.
In China, there are plenty of issues that can be talked about and the ADIZ (Air Defence Identification Zone) is only one of them," the Communist Party's mouthpiece wrote.