ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
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With island facilities now in place, it may be easier for the PLA to enforce an ADIZ over the South China Sea, but certainly not to the extent it could in the East China Sea.
military continued flying its aircraft through the ADIZ without notifying China or responding to Chinese requests for identification.
We assess which mechanism offers a better explanation of China's ADIZ decision by carefully reviewing available empirical evidence.
71) Notwithstanding the symbolism, the B-52 flight was an isolated act of signaling that changed nothing with respect to Chinas ADIZ declaration.
During an air-based demonstration of military cooperation to protest jointly China's regional aggression, the ROK and Japan in December 2013 conducted a search-and-rescue military exercise in the vicinity of China's controversial ADIZ.
China's ADIZ over the East China Sea is not recognised by the US and others.
As for whether China will declare an ADIZ, it depends on whether China's air safety is threatened.
The initiative "might be for a future ADIZ announcement in the South China Sea," said Nishi, who took up his current post in October after resigning as vice defense minister, the top bureaucrat in the Defense Ministry.
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying said China had every right to set up ADIZs if it so wished.
While such zones are not new, the unilateral extension of one country's ADIZ to overlap with another country's ADIZ, with no prior consultation and over politically disputed territory, necessarily breeds suspicion and rancor.
The ADIZ, however, also overlaps with areas controlled by South Korea, and so has also irritated that country.