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ADJAmerican DJ (brand name)
ADJAdjoint (of a matrix or an operator; math)
ADJAdministration of Justice (criminal justice course; various universities)
ADJAustralian Dental Journal
ADJAmman, Jordan - Civil (Airport Code)
ADJAction pour le Développement des Jeunes (French: Action for the Development of Youth; Togo)
ADJAustralian Designer Jewellery (Sydney, Australia)
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WITHDRAWN | |M Ibberson, detached dwelling, land adj 11, Carr Hill Road, Upper Cumberworth.
apoptotico -ca adj (Med y Biol) De (la) apoptosis o que la implica
Rehmatullah Mooro from Karachi South to Khairpur on his promotion as ADJ vice Qamaruddin Abbasi transferred.
Constatamos que o portugues apresenta duas estruturas basicas com relacao a coordenacao de dois adjetivos, isto e, [N + Adj + E + Adj] e [Adj + E + Adj + N] (8).
For example, using `EPDM' or `ETHYLENE ADJ PROPYLENE ADJ DIENE' in the main query box, 1998 and 1999 in the date range boxes, and selecting Patent as the Document Type (from the drop down menu), retrieves 333 records.
G & S Hough, extensions and alterations to existing detached garage to form dwelling with associated access, parking and curtilage areas at adj.
Parado,-a adj Referido al cabello, erizado por causa del miedo.
Worth Homes (Yorkshire) Ltd, discharge condi-|tions on previous permission for erection of four detached houses with integral garages, adj 9 Matthew Lane, Meltham.
8 million in adj EBITDA and projected 2006 sales of $55+ million with $6 million + in adj EBITDA.
A Shepherd, dead of dangerous trees, land adj |to Brewery Yard, Fenay Bridge.
KIRKLEES Council has received the following planning applications: TRD 119 Ltd, erection of three flats, land adj 122 |York Avenue, Fartown.