ADKARAwareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (change management)
ADKARAbgesetzte Darstellung von Karldap Radardaten
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Prosci's ADKAR model is designed to understand change management from an individual's perspective, based on five elements:
The five ADKAR elements can be compared to four stages of project change (preparing, designing, implementing, and sustaining).
Several authors have published their experiences using the ADKAR change management model (9-10).
The ADKAR components are progressive--in other words the first step in the change process is awareness of the need for change, then desire to participate and support the change, etc.
Working through the ADKAR process, and being intentional about having supportive change management has been key to a successful change.
ADKAR change management tool, Prosci[R], accessed on 2/17/15 at http:// www.
Keywords: Change Management; Competency Profile; ADKAR Change Model; Change Management Competency.
In 2006, for the first time, Prosci brought this ADKAR model in the form of text in the book of Jeff Hiatt on ADKAR.
Once managers become familiar with the ADKAR theory, they can readily determine points of resistance, Wesner explained.
Prosci's ADKAR program generates five outputs: a communications plan, a coaching plan, a training plan, sponsor roadmap, and a resistance management plan.
This is where 49 CFR compliance kicks in to satisfy the ADKAR requirements for knowledge and the clarity that Lewin requires to begin freezing the new order.
What factors influence the knowledge element of the ADKAR model?