ADLEArthur D. Little Enterprises (Cambridge, MA)
ADLEAdditional Deduction for Labor Expense (Philippines)
ADLEAir Defense Liaison Element (US Air Force)
ADLEApuntes Del Lobo Estepario (Spanish: Notes on the Steppenwolf; book notes)
ADLEAcute Disseminated Lupus Erythematosus
ADLEAssociate Dean for Learning and Engagement (Purdue University; West Lafayette, IN)
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The provincial government announced the replacement of existing judicial system with Nizame Adle Regulation, the Qazi courts in Swat and the rest of Malakand Division.
Paul C, Wolkenstein P, Adle H, Wechsler J, Garchon HJ, Revuz J, et al: Apoptosis as a mechanism of keratinocyte death in toxic epidermal necrolysis.
The trio - Dillie Keane, Adle Anderson and Liza Pulman - have been described by director Ken Russell as "the love children of Freddie Mercury and Dawn French".
But Adle Anderson, who joined in 1984, struck up a fruitful and long-term writing partnership with Dillie, who now refers to her as Dame Adle.
He is afraid he may be wounded in a roadside bombing or shot dead like his friend Yasin Adle Ahmed, who was killed by Ethiopian troops on Makka Al-Mukarrama Street nearby.
Yassir Adle, prominent Egyptian pro-democracy activist and assistant teacher of Statistics at Al Mansoura University, said although he fights for democratic transformation in Egypt he doesn't believe in US intentions.
ADLE (Administrative Department of Labor and Employment), 2001, Statistical Bulletin on Employment and Unemployment Course in Kosova during 2000.
Of adl, adle, we are told 'ancient and medieval names of diseases are often not relatable to symptoms or conditions as described or diagnosed in modern medicine'.
Adle, who write on a group of enigmatic sphero-conical earthenware vessels that were previously identified as hand-grenades, mercury-containers, and aeolopiles (fire-blowers).
BL C UR URN f BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BL BLAC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC AC ACK BL ACKBUR UR UR UR UR UR UR UR UR UR UR URNar ar ar ar ar ar are tr tr tr tr tr tr tr i yi yi yi yi yi ying ng ng ng ng to h sh sh sh sh shif if if if if if if if if if ift Br Br Br d ad ad adle le ley ar i y g y h tg y y a g r to balance the books.
SPRINGFIELD - Jay Edward Adle of Springfield died March 4 of Alz heimer's disease.
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