ADLGAutomatic Determination of Location and Guidance
ADLGAverage Duration of Life Gained (medical treatments)
ADLGAutomatic Door Litigation Group
ADLGAverage Daily Lean Gain
ADLGAmigos de los Galgos (Spanish: Friends of Greyhounds; Spain)
ADLGAnti-Donor Lymphocyte Globulin
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ADLG Jahangir Mirza said this Wednesday while talking to newsmen.
DO Planning Mohammad Muzaffar Khan, EDO Works Khawaja Mohammad Sadiq, EDO Education Shaukat Ali Tahir, ADLG Mohammad Ashfaq Gill and other concerned officers were also present.
Provincial Minister Chaudhry Sher Alki, MPA Malik Zafar Iqbal, MPA Shawez Khan, DCO Chaudhry Habibullah, Assistant Commissioner Nazarat Ali, ADLG Javed Bhatti, DIO Shahzad Niaz and notables of the area were also present on the occasion.
Muhammad Azam, EDO CD Malik Muhammad Sher, EDO F&P Mutiullah Khan, ADLG Allah Ditta Najmi.
Dryers range from small, energy efficient cabinet - style mini dryers in the AD series to the large ADL and ADLG dryers that offer 3000 cfm capacities and HiCore technology.
The meeting was attended by CPO Rawalpindi, ADCG Saif Anwar Jappa, SEO Aqeel Ahmed Khan, ADLG, District Officer Rescue 1122 and DO Civil Defence and other officers concerned.