ADMLArchitecture Description Markup Language
ADMLMajor Late Promoter (promoter)
ADMLApplying Data Mining in e-Learning (workshop)
ADMLAtomic Demolition Munition Location
ADMLAutomatic Documentation and Mathematical Linguistics
ADMLAdministrative Template Language Package (Microsoft)
ADMLAber Diamond Mines Limited
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ADML is based on Acme, a software architecture description language developed at Carnegie Mellon University and the Information Sciences Institute at the University of Southern California.
MCC's role in developing the ADML technology has been to bridge the gap between the academic approach to architecture definition, and the needs of industry for a practical, general-purpose architecture description language.
This standard information description makes possible the broad sharing of ADML models so that many present and future applications can manipulate, search, present, and store the model," said Jean Gilleo, Deputy Director, Architecture Management, DISC4, U.