ADOGArizona Department of Gaming
ADOGAssociation of Dog Owners Group (Fountain Hills, AZ)
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ADOG belonging to a North East judge at the centre of allegations her pet attacked neighbours has been given its own page on the Facebook website.
ADOG walker has won praise for actions which may have saved the life of a student on Christmas Day.
ADOG lover who became clinically depressed after a hit-and-run car accident has quit her high-pressure job to start a canine hydrotherapy business in Northumberland.
ADOG found abandoned with her ribs sticking out from hunger has been dubbed Cuddles - because she is so affectionate.
The ADOGS assesses students' delay preferences for an immediately available attractive option versus a delayed alternative.
Charlie ADOGS with fine hair (eg, greyhounds and whippets) and dogs that are very young, old or unwell should always wear a dog coat when it is cold.
ADOGS that live indoors tend to moult in dribs and drabs, as they do not experience changes in temperature with the seasons needed to stimulate a normal heavy twice-a-year moult.
ADogs are omnivores, meaning that they eat both meat and plants.
ADOGS only need a bath when they are dirty, so theoretically you are both right.
ADOGS that have not suffered the effects of an accident still twitch and paddle in their sleep and he may well be dreaming about chasing after his next meal.
ADOGS usually get on best if they are different sizes and different sexes, as then they tend not to feel the need to compete.
ADogs usually have their first season when they are between four and 18 months old but all dogs are different.