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ADONAssistant Director Of Nursing
ADONAssociation for Development Options in Nigeria
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Adon, five months and one day old, had been sleeping peacefully.
He was a translator of Hebrew poetry, both secular items like some of the poems of Ibn Gabirol and some liturgical prayers of which Adon Olam is the most familiar.
Every Saturday at our synagogue, 20 to 30 children under the age of 10 get up and sing Adon Olam like you've probably never heard it.
Transport minister Andrew Adon said: "In fact, pounds 15bn is allocated for rail investment in the next five years, to fund 1,300 new rail carriages and a big increase in the number of train services.
Anyone trying to view the adon YouTube this week was met with a black screen and the message: "This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by Diageo, PLC.
She was walking north on Sierra Highway near Adon Avenue in Canyon County when she heard a man in a white van offer her a ride.
For example, Adon (published 1973-96) was for the college crowd, Samson (from 1982) was for the chubby-chasers, G-Men (from 1995) favored muscled he-men.
The director of nursing was a no-show as well, and the ADON wanted to know what to do.
That is why Adon Olam" (41) has been granted primacy of place as the final hymn; its tone is one of confidence--"in God's hands I place my trust"--and the most enduring musical setting of its words conveys the same reassuring message.
The quintessential Jewish songs include: Adon Olam; Al Kol Ele; Am Yisrael Chai; Artza Alinu; Ata Echad; Bai Mir Bitsu Shein; Bashana Haba'a; Chai; Dayenu; Der Rebbe Elimelech; Donna Donna; Eli, Eli; Erev Shel Shoshanim; Hal'luyah; Hanaava Babanot; Hine Ma Tov; Hora; Kol Nidre; Ocho Kandelikas; Od Yishama; Oifn Pripitichik; Ose Shalom; Ovinu Malkenu; Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen; Rumania, Rumania; Shalom Alechem; Siman Tov; Sisu Et Y'rushalayim; Tsena Tsena; Tumbalalaika; Y'rushalayim Shel Zahav; Yiddishe Momme and thirty six more compositions.
At length, however, large emigrations of our German brethren settled amongst us; again our old customs have conquered and the sweet voices of our ladies are seldom heard; but we have so far prevailed as to continue to this day, the following beautiful melodies: the 29th Psalm [Mizmor Ledavid] which is chaunted as the procession slowly proceeds to deposit the Sepher Torah in the ark; also Ein Kelohenu and after the service is concluded none attempt to quit their seats until the beautiful hymn Adon Olam .
At the conclusion of the well-known prayer Adon olam, Jews say: "To God I entrust my soul, when I sleep and when I awaken.