ADOPAttitude Dilution of Precision
ADOPAmbiguity Dilution of Precision
ADOPAdvanced Distributed On Board Processor
ADOPAutomated Design Optimization Program
ADOPAssociate Director of Operations
ADOPAguila de Oro Productions (San Diego, CA)
ADOPAttention Deficit Oh Pretty!
ADOPAd-Options Ltd (UK)
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Shall remain on ADOP Register of athletes for the purpose of out-of-competition testing.
We define the evolution of a component-based system by the transition system < C, Adop, [right arrow >:
Are company owner, or director in there w busy for but the us, we c "The much as the sun nowher rather b the beer balcony make it year rou "We a back the festival festivals other ev Adop "organis the back "We l this bus Debbie.
For Ferrar, the work he's done to broaden opportunities for wine and spirits retailers in Maryland often proves to be a competitive advantage - because he's willing to move first to adop new innovations.
DEL CARPIO, Justo Andres 1838 Examen de gramatica latina bajo el metodo sencillo adop tado en las aulas del estado por el que seran examinados en la Universidad de San Marcos.
When it comes to the topic of mothers, everyone seems to have an experience to share, whether it is hav ing had one mother or two, an adop tive mother, an absentee mother, or a mother who was an activist, artist, spiritual leader, or politician.
De acuerdo con el autor, el nin se aleja de la postura racional-instrumentalista, al adop tar las reglas y rutinas.
In a statement on Thursday, government-run AdoP claimed Queiroz had "hindered the collecting of samples" as a result of "the hostile environment generated around the operation".
In a statement released through his solicitors, Queiroz said: "According to some reports, the ADoP has found proof - unlike theCDof FPF - of breach and disturbance of anti-doping activity and has determined a six-month sentence.
Analiza la incidencia de Realiza la evaluacion al impactos de un proyecto a momento de la adop cion y ejecutar.
El sector turistico de la ciudad de Ouro Preto recibio un subsidio por parte de la ADOP (Agencia de Desarrollo de Ouro Preto) para implementar el Trem da Vale y las estaciones contaron con un proyecto de museografia con diversos espacios de exposicion.
5 million USD deal for ADOP 2000 project with ASELSAN, Turkey's leading electronic defense and reconnaissance company.