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ADOREA Dialogue on Race Ethnicity (Davie's Memorial Unitarian Universalist Church; Camp Springs, MD)
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And if I adored her before, I now doubly adore her.
Nor had they yet among the Sons of EVE Got them new Names, till wandring ore the Earth, Through Gods high sufferance for the tryal of man, By falsities and lyes the greatest part Of Mankind they corrupted to forsake God their Creator, and th' invisible Glory of him, that made them, to transform Oft to the Image of a Brute, adorn'd With gay Religions full of Pomp and Gold, And Devils to adore for Deities: Then were they known to men by various Names, And various Idols through the Heathen World.
You always were the most wonderful person," beamed Rose, completely at her ease once more, "I used to simply adore you, and I'm beginning to adore you again.
I know we're going to adore each other -- I knew it as soon as I saw you at Redmond this morning.
My OWN DARLING FRIEND:--WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS my feelings over not being able to go up this morning to say good-bye to one I so FONDLY ADORE.
Remove that mist which dims the intellects of mortals, and causes them to adore men for their art, or to detest them for their cunning, in deceiving others, when they are, in reality, the objects only of ridicule, for deceiving themselves.
Their knees continually adore, and their hands are eulogies of virtue, but their heart knoweth naught thereof.
whom, or I had better say WHICH, her two brothers adore.
with what inconceivable rapidity I learnt to adore that woman.
And Philip will adore you like a husband in a fairy tale.
That he certainly adores you (replied Sophia) there can be no doubt--.
Humor an old fellow who adores the Loves and the Graces, and who asks nothing better than to sun himself in your smiles.