ADPACAnimal Disaster Planning Advisory Committee (various locations)
ADPACAmerican Dental Political Action Committee
ADPACAutomated Data Processing Application Coordinator
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Around that same time, there was also a switch in terminology from ADPAC facility to veterinary treatment facility (VTF).
ADPAC, a current 'Outperform' leader in the mainframe space is forecast to fail to perform in the 'Maturity' phase unless it can develop toolsets to handle a broader range of platforms.
Company Description: ADPAC provides services, solutions, and software to the OS/390 MVS computer environment.
With less than 25 working days remaining until 2000, ADPAC has Y2K experts armed with $1 million worth of ADPAC software available to provide onsite assistance to corporations with mainframe legacy systems for the next 60 days or longer.
Before the interface was developed, customers had to take the interim step of exporting Endevor for MVS libraries into a PDS to enable ADPAC products to parse them.
Prior to ADPAC, Severs served as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of ReproCAD, Inc.
Under the agreement, ADPAC will distribute Open Software's tools for the programming language REXX, which is used in MVS/OS390 and VSE/ESA mainframe systems.
In 1964, ADPAC set industry precedence when it became the first company to license a software programming language to its corporate customer, Southern Pacific Railroad -- the forerunner of Sprint, a current customer.
Marcoccia, president of Millennium Technology Services, and PeopleSource, an east coast consultancy, echo the recommendations of Gartner and ADPAC.
By following these 12 stocks, ADPAC Corporation has created the first index to track potential changes.
2, 1998--Renaissance Worldwide (NASDAQ:REGI), a global leader in information technology and management consulting services, today announced the establishment of a corporate teaming agreement with ADPAC Corporation.