ADPRAdvertising and Public Relations
ADPRAdenosine Diphosphate Ribose (molecule)
ADPRAccredited Distressed Property Representative (real estate)
ADPRAsset Depreciation Range
ADPRAutomated Data Processing Resource
ADPRApparent Dietary Protein Requirement
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Although much is known about the relevance of ADPR upon DNA injury, the underlying molecular mechanisms are still poorly understood and no systematic, unbiased proteome-wide study to determine ADPR targets in vivo has been conducted to date.
ADPR, a marine, travel and outdoor public relations company based in Somerset declared that it has secured a contract for handling the publicity for the Governor s Cup Yacht Race across the South Atlantic Ocean.
This is the second time, ADPR has handled the PR for the race, which leaves from Cape Town, South Africa on 27 December 2014 and completes in St Helena during January 2015.
Alice Driscoll, managing director, ADPR said, Having worked with the Governor s Cup Yacht Race team in 2012, we are delighted to be working with them once again for this historic race.