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ADRAdverse Drug Reaction
ADRAmerican Depositary Receipt (financial)
ADRAlternative Dispute Resolution
ADRAustralian Design Rules (vehicle safety standards)
ADRAverage Daily Rate
ADRAmerican Depository Receipt (common but incorrect; it's depositary)
ADRAdministrative Dispute Resolution (Act of 1995)
ADRAccord Européen Relatif au Transport International des Marchandises Dangereuses par Route (French: European Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road; EU)
ADRAeroporti Di Roma (Italian Society)
ADRAutomated Dialogue Replacement (film production)
ADRAusschuss der Regionen (EU, German)
ADRASTRA Digital Radio
ADRAll Due Respect
ADRAsset Depreciation Range System
ADRApplied Data Research
ADRAdditional Documentation Request (Medicare)
ADRAutomatic Diagnostic Repository (Oracle Database)
ADRAutomatic Dialogue Replacement
ADRAdiabatic Demagnetization Refrigerator
ADRaccident data recorder (US DoD)
ADRAdvanced Digital Recording (Phillips)
ADRAdvance Dining Reservations (Walt Disney World)
ADRAdvisory Route
ADRAverage Daily Range
ADRAuthorized Distributor of Record
ADRAirfield Damage Repair
ADRAction Committee for Democracy and Justice (Luxembourg)
ADRAir Data Reference
ADRAnnual Defense Report (US DoD)
ADRAutomatic Defect Removal (Key Technology)
AdRAdrenodoxin Reductase
ADRAlcohol and Drug Recovery
ADRAperture Direct Readout (photography)
ADRAudio Dialogue Replacement
ADRAssociate Director of Research
ADRAin't Doing Right (medical humor)
ADRAdria Airways, Slovenia (ICAO code)
ADRAdvanced Digital Radio
ADRAutomated Dynamic Reconfiguration (Sun Microsystems)
ADRArchitectural Design Review
ADRAir Defense Radar
ADRAdditional Dialog Recording
ADRAccumulated Delta Range
ADRArmament Delivery Recording
ADRAnalog to Digital Recorder
ADRAshura: Dark Reign (gaming modification, Unreal Tournament)
ADRAsymptotic Dispersion Rate
ADRAgreement on Dangerous Goods by Road (Europe)
ADRA Domanda Risponde
ADRAverage Dispersion Rate
ADRAir Defense Region
ADRAlternate Destination Routing (AT&T)
ADRActive Design Review
ADRArkansas Dirt Riders (Motorcyclists)
ADRAccord Dangereux Routier (European regulations concerning the international transport of dangerous goods by road)
ADRAudit Discrepancy Report
ADRAutomated Data Retrieval
ADRAudit Director Roundtable
ADRAchievable Data Rate
ADRAircraft Damage Repair
ADRAerodrome Damage Repair
ADRAtaxia-Deafness-Retardation Syndrome
ADRAirborne Data Recorder
ADRAnnual Development Report
ADRAutomated Disposition Reporting
ADRAir Data Relay
ADRAccelerated Depreciation Range (Sprint)
ADRAircraft Discrepancy Report
ADRAlzheimer's Disease Review
ADRAutomated Dosimetry Report
ADRAudio Dubbing and Recording
ADRAutomatic Data Relay
ADRAutomatic Distributed Refresh (Brio Technology)
ADRAdvance Deposit Requirement
ADRArmy of Divine Rights (online gaming community)
ADRActive Data Retrieval
ADRAcquisition Data Report
ADRAirborne Digital Recorder
ADRAcoustic Data Relay
ADRAutomatic Digital Relay
ADRAccelerated Delivery Request
ADRAutomated Demand Resolution
ADRApplication Development Request
ADRAgence de Développement Rural (French: Rural Development Agency)
ADRAbstract Data Repository
ADRApplication Documentation Repository (Sprint)
ADRAmmunition Disposition Request (AF Form 191)
ADRAcute Drug Reaction
ADRAir Defense Representative
ADRActual Disbursement Roster (student financial aid)
ADRAdd Drop Ring (Alcatel)
ADRAdvance Dated Remittances
ADRAdditional Deposit Rider (life insurance)
ADRAsbestos Disposal Request
ADRAdvancing Data Resources, Inc. (Phelan, CA)
ADRAdaptive Decorrelating Receiver
ADRAft Door Relay
ADRAgent's Draft Request
ADRAutomatic Delivery Report
ADRAcquisition Decision Review (US DoD)
ADRArbeitsgemeinschaft Druckbehälter Regelwerk (German: Pressure Vessel Working Regulations)
ADRAubertine Draper Rose (Portland, OR)
ADRAssociate Dean for Research (various schools)
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The time for an Other ADR Process shall be tolled during any periods in which a motion to disqualify is pending.
The main purpose of this article is to disclose the concept of Alternative Dispute Resolution for consumer disputes and to highlight current legal initiatives at the EU level for ADR regulation and its potential contribution to consumer confidence in the internal market.
Reverse ADR allows investors to extend trading for certain markets into US market hours by trading stocks via ADRs in the US, receive a local currency conversion price and settle the trade using the local currency and settlement cycle.
Although the court in Compaq "shammed" the ADR transactions (because Compaq eliminated virtually all market risk), the IES Industries court actually noted that the carefully orchestrated elimination of market risk was evidence of IES Industries' intent to treat the ADR transactions as moneymaking.
By reading eight tracks simultaneously, all 192 tracks of an ADR cartridge can be read in 24 end-to-end passes.
Keep in mind that if your company's ADR program has a mandatory arbitration clause and you sign an agreement to go through arbitration, you may waive your right to sue, although this decision may vary depending on the court.
This trend is expected to slacken somewhat in 1999, driven by a slowdown in the pace of occupancy decline, not by an improvement in ADR growth," Fox said.
The American Arbitration Association is perhaps the most widely recognized authority on ADR and a pioneer in the field.
After evaluation of the pilot program, Duke University elected to offer an ADR clause to all patients being admitted.
Coverage includes: the intricacies of mediation, arbitration and other techniques; industry-specific ADR; how to decide whether ADR is the right approach for your organization or client; what employers can and can't do in an ADR program; and when a court may overturn the results of an ADR proceeding.
ADR Direct allows US clients to trade ordinary shares overseas, convert the shares to ADRs in US dollars and instantly receive a net ADR price.