ADRGARC Digitized Raster Graphic
ADRGAdvanced Database Research Group (Tucson, AZ)
ADRGAssistant Deputy Registrar General (Canada)
ADRGAlternative Dispute Resolution Group (mediation)
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j] = proportion of all the patients in i general hospital accounted for by the jth ADRG category.
ADRG currently provides an industry-leading portfolio of comprehensive marketing services, including marketing strategy consulting, creative development, database analysis and predictive modeling, to businesses worldwide.
The ADRG and CADRG are scanned versions of paper maps.
CADRG is a compressed version of ADRG (ARC Digitized Raster Graphics).
ADRG offers: -- In-House Full-Service Direct Marketing Agency - a results-focused team of more than 180 marketing professionals is dedicated to driving all elements critical to success.
A four-step hierarchical rule was used for grouping the principal diagnoses that occurred within each ADRG to form dummy variables.
ADRG found over a Million Person Gap between official PA population reports and the data recorded by other PA and Israeli agencies since 1997.
jk] = the number of discharges of patients from area j in ADRG k.
DRG 82 for lung cancer; ADRG 148/149 for colon cancer); other surgical DRGs within the same MDC as the primary cancer (i.
Using Intergraph's TerraShare imagery management system as a separate server application, the analyst can retrieve imagery, ADRG, CADRG, CIB(R), and other raster products using the power of GeoMedia's spatial and feature query capabilities.
A list of the complete ADRG assignments is available from the authors.