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ADSMASUS Data Security Management
ADSMAbu Dhabi Securities Market (United Arab Emirates)
ADSMAdstar Distributed Storage Manager
ADSMADSTAR Distributed Storage Manager (IBM Tivoli)
ADSMAcademy of Dental Sleep Medicine
ADSMAdult Swim (television channel)
ADSMAbu Dhabi Stock Market
ADSMActive Duty Service Member
ADSMAmerican Defense Service Medal
ADSMAutomated Data Systems Manual
ADSMAir Defense Suppression Missile
ADSMArchives Départementales de la Seine-Maritime (French: Departmental Archives of the Seine-Maritime; Rouen, France)
ADSMAdvanced Distributed Storage Manager (formerly ADSTAR)
ADSMAir Defense Service Medal
ADSMArtillery Delivery Scatterable Mine
ADSMAdvance Demand Side Management plc (UK)
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New storage management software, led by products such as ADSM, ushered in a different kind of storage management that saw the integration of backup and recovery functionality with an enterprise's overall systems management solution.
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They would like us to maintain their Intenet-connection (WAN), Web site, NT server, Unix workstations, and LAN, as well as back up the important systems with ADSM to our remote site.
ADSM is expanding its relationships through a number of MoUs signed with exchanges in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)* and Asia Pacific regions.
It is also important to discover software resources such as an ADSM Version 3 server or other ESRM agents/managers.
ADSM is looking to raise international awareness of the exchange, both to increase foreign investment in ADSM-listed companies and to further develop the exchange's own product offerings.
The ADSM was dragged down by the energy sub-index that fell 2.
Commerce, ADSM, CICS, CISCO, DB2, UDB, JAVA, VA JAVA, Linux, MQ Series, RS/6000 SP, Windows NT and Windows 2000.
On the ADSM, the fall was led by real estate sub-index that fell 2.
Lexicon is a nationally recognized leader in providing Legato, Veritas and IBM's ADSM data management solutions.
10 million were traded on the ADSM, with the volume of shares traded exceeding 127.