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ADSTAssociation for Diplomatic Studies and Training (Arlington, Virginia)
ADSTAdvanced Distributed Simulation Technology
ADSTAlexandria University Desalination Studies and Technology Center (Egypt)
ADSTAustralian Daylight Savings Time
ADSTAdvanced Diploma in Software Testing (academic degree)
ADSTApproved Deferred Share Trust
ADSTAverage Daily Soil Temperature
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But if the defender of ADST claims that this desire is concurrently satisfied or frustrated, the same could be said about desires such as Parfit's.
Anyone interested in being interviewed or conducting interviews should contact ADST.
org/ ADST seeks to advance "understanding of American diplomacy.
First, ADST developed an instructional site on the history, practices and traditions of U.
In Q3 results, the key driver of ADST business, ASP revenues, increased by 53%; EPS were ($0.
AdStar (Nasdaq: ADST, ADSTW), based in Marina del Rey, Calif.