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ADUNAhli Dewan Undangan Negeri
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We merely know that after a short pause Mary said, 'Lor, do adun, Mr.
Pero no todos los libios son malos", rectifica Adun, quien trabajaba para una compania constructora antes de que se iniciara la revolucion.
on forclungenum treowe ahangene pa fet up and paet heafod adun .
El zapatero libanes Adun, zapatero pobre; la pequena nina armenia que no alcanzo a partir con sus padres en viaje no deseado hacia otras tierras, porque no pudo vivir; el "maestro" ciego, que no puede resistir la partida de los que dejan Alejandria y entre ellos sus alumnos de guitarra; Frau Grete, la dama alemana, que no comprende la derrota de su pais, y a la que tambien llega la hora de dejar la ciudad; en fin.
Adun Adundetcharat, whom they distrusted, was connected with the project.
Lokidh thet ghe ne beon nawt the bors eschif iliche the schunchedh for a schadewe, ant falledh adun i the weater of the hehe brugge.
The ITD MD Adun Saraban stated, "In recent quarters, we have seen a significant buildup in the order backlog position and this recent order win takes us to an order backlog of over Rs 6,800 crore as of February 18, 2015.
At the nearby Adun Chelon pegmatites a few pockets up to 4 x 3 x 2 meters produced smoky quartz crystals up to 240 kg (90 cm), yellow and blue topaz up to 6.
In the old days Sherlovaya Gora was seen as part of the Adun Chelon Mountain Range.
As crucial as anything was the stance of Phibun's independent-minded deputy premier, General Adun Adundecharat at the Thai cabinet meeting on the morning of 8 December 1941, for which Reynolds relies on Swan's translation, albeit in very abbreviated form.