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ADVAdvantage (tennis)
ADVAdvertising (various organizations)
ADVAdenovirus (infections)
ADVAverage Daily Volume (trading)
ADVAcoustic Doppler Velocimeter
ADVAdversus (Latin: Against)
ADVAdeno-Associated Virus
ADVAuto Detect Voltage
ADVAudit Vault
ADVAdvanced Digital Video
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen (German: Working Group of German Commercial Airports)
ADVAd Vision (American Anime Licensing Co.)
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft für Datenverarbeitung
ADVAdministration des Ventes (French)
ADVAlliance pour les Droits de la Vie (French: Alliance for Human Life; est. 1993)
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German: Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany)
ADVAir Defense Variant
ADVAutomatic Diluent Valve (diving rebreather)
ADVAujeszky's Disease Virus
ADVAuditable Dollar Value
ADVAdaptive Distance Vector
ADVAtmospheric Dump Valve
ADVAscent/Descent Vehicle
ADVArea Denial to Vehicles
ADVAbstract Design View
ADVAssociation of Dunkirk Veterans
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This means that for purposes of completing Form ADV, any client account that is not a registered investment company, Business Development Company or pooled investment vehicle must be treated as an SMA for ADV reporting purposes.
1, the online system (IARD) for Form ADV filings will be modified to account for the changes to Form ADV as required by Advisers Act Release No.
Finally, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) cash equities ADV was down 32% year over year on lower US equity market volatility, relative to January 2016.
Interchangeable cable -- the Plattan ADV comes with an interchangeable cable, allowing users to wear it on either the left or right side.
Financials ADV declined 2% from the year period due to continued low volatility in Continental European short-term rates impacting the Euribor ADV, and was partially offset by growth in Sterling and Equity Indices ADV, which were up 62% and 50%, respectively, over the prior October.
We also look forward to showcasing the Lightning electric supercar, an exciting new potential project for ADV to be working on.
ADV was selected as the final assembly partner on the basis of its expertise and track record in the production of specialist vehicles, and on its ability to meet Nissan's manufacturing standards.
To have now recorded our highest ever monthly ADV is a great milestone to have reached and we are very encouraged by the positive indication this gives for our future growth," stated Fix.
As well as ADV growth DME has also enjoyed an increased interest in membership in the last few months.
ADV plans to provide nearly 500 digital quality channels to its subscribers via DVB-C set top boxes (STB).
In Australia and Hong Kong, for example, it occurs around 10-25% ADV, whereas in Japan it is 50-100% ADV.
Check Form ADV and other disclosure documents to ensure that all material and potential conflicts are disclosed adequately.