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ADVISEAnalysis, Dissemination, Visualization, Insight, and Semantic Enhancement (US Department of Homeland Security data mining program)
ADVISEAdvanced Visual System for Situation Awareness Enhancement
ADVISEAvionics Data Visualization Integration System Environment
ADVISEAdenosine Vasodilator Independent Stenosis Evaluation (medical study)
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Pray give your mind to it, and advise me well for his sake--and above all, for his daughter's--his daughter's, my dear Manette.
Red, however, went on to say that, since Ring was such a mighty man that he could do everything, it had occurred to him to advise the King to ask him to search for these treasures, and come back with them before Christmas; in return the King should promise him his daughter.
Did I advise your father to sell the castle of Yanina -- to betray" --
I do not advise you to do anything of the kind, monseigneur.
De Courcy's arrival, and I advise you by all means to marry him; his father's estate is, we know, considerable, and I believe certainly entailed.
I advise you to drink a glass of melted silver, to quiet your nerves, and then go to bed.
I advise you to stand in a corner and count sixty before you speak again.
I want you to advise me as to the right course to take with Miss Emily," he said.
If I may be permitted to advise, let her have her own way.
If Literature stood a little higher as a profession, I should almost advise you--but no
Ah," I smiled, "you advise me to kill neither him nor myself, but to let him kill me.
But I would advise you to settle the thing as soon as may be," pursued Oblonsky, filling up his glass.