ADVNArchief en Documentatiecentrum voor het Vlaams - Nationalisme (Dutch)
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This patent is further testament to the fact that ADVN is approaching the Internet advertising model in a unique way and will truly help provide more value to all stakeholders in the online advertising ecosystem," said David Grant, CEO, AdVantage Networks.
Justin Yorke resigned as JMG's Chief Executive Officer, President and Chief Financial Officer and the executive officers of ADVN became JMG's new executive officers.
98 shares of newly authorized Class M Preferred Stock to the stockholders of ADVN.
Upon effecting (i) the increase in the authorized number of shares of JMG common stock and (ii) the reverse stock split, each share of Class M Preferred issued to the ADVN stockholders pursuant to the Merger will automatically convert into one hundred shares of JMG common stock, or an aggregate of 16,997,398 shares.
CONTACT: Francesca De Franco of ADVN PLC, +44-207-070-0932, francescad@advfn.