ADWSActive Directory Web Service (Microsoft)
ADWSArea Denial Weapon System
ADWSAutomatic Digital Weather Switch (meteorology)
ADWSAir Defense Weapon System
ADWSADP, DAMA, Weight & Space Savings
ADWSAdi Dravidar Welfare Schools (India)
ADWSArkansas Department of Workforce Services
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Senator Hill said the ADWS concept was designed as a replacement capability to anti-personnel land mines.
Senator Hill said the ADWS was a good example of the use of concept demonstrators to build capability for Defence.
Helping people transition back to the workforce, and providing quality services to those needing assistance are vital roles for ADWS," said ADWS Director Artee Williams.
Under the current initial UI claims process, claimants must report in-person to a local ADWS field office.
The upgraded Tier IVR system will allow UI claimants to electronically enter initial claim data via telephone, increasing accessibility for individuals in need of ADWS UI services.
Nasdaq: TIERE), a leading provider of transaction processing and packaged software and systems integration solutions for public sector clients, today announced that it has contracted with the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services (ADWS) to upgrade and enhance the existing ADWS interactive voice response (IVR) system with natural language speech recognition, and to develop a telephone unemployment insurance (UI) initial claims application.
Photographic and film images of the ADWS will be posted on the Company's website today at http://www.
The ADWS consortium project is sponsored by the Australian Department of Defense, and led by the Defense Science and Technology Organization (DSTO), and includes Metal Storm as a major consortium member.
The ADWS Project was established to investigate and demonstrate weapon system concepts that may provide an alternative to APLs.
The ADWS aims to demonstrate area denial technology that can overcome the indiscriminate nature of land mines by addressing the requirement for a human- in-the-loop to initiate the weapon system.
David Smith, said the demonstration of the ADWS highlighted the viability of the company's stacked round, multiple propellant load technology in the military area denial role.