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AE2Anion Exchanger 2
AE2Aviation Electrician's Mate Second Class (Naval Rating)
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I had the other AE2 get a power cord and get the aircraft ready for rigging the wingfold actuator.
The new Advantage 100 system and AE2 Advantage engine provide a whole new group of customers access to Cognex products," said Cognex vice president and business unit manager for vision software and sensors, Joerg Kuechen.
Henry Stoker went on to become one of the greatest heroes of World War I in Australia when the AE2 created history as the first submarine to break into the Dardanelles during the 1915 Gallipoli campaign.
While the new AE2 will support traditional HFC refrigerants - R134a and R404A, it is also optimized for hydrocarbon refrigerants - R290 (propane) and R600a (isobutene).
Then on 30 April 1915 disaster; endangered by an unaccountable loss of diving trim and under gunfire from the Turkish gunboat Sultan Hissar the AE2 was scuttled, the crew of 32 being rescued by the Turks.
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Over the course of three days, AE2 Michael Boothe and AE3 Michael Landers chased an erroneous engine indication malfunction on a SH-60B.
Both the AE2 and I had applied the brakes at the same time and stopped the plane.
I observed an AE2 and AE1 performing a battery swap on the aircraft and decided to give them a hand.
By AE2 Mike Tano Petty Officer Tano works in the AE shop at HS-2.
Airplane director, AE2 Leanne McCollum of VP-47, directs AM3 Brandon Haag as they tow the P-3C Orion during a competitive exercise known as the Flight Line Rodeo.