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AE3Anion Exchanger 3
AE3Aviation Electrician's Mate Third Class (Naval Rating)
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After breaking down chains following an aircraft refueling and crew swap, AD2 Gaytan and AE3 Gamez were positioned outside the starboard engine nacelle aft of the propeller.
En el procedimiento inmuno-histoquimico, el anticuerpo anti-citoqueratina AE1/ AE3 reacciono con las celulas epiteliales que revisten los conductos y los alveolos glandulares de forma positiva adquiriendo una coloracion marron a nivel citoplasmatico (Figs.
Since making this change, we have noted a consistent pattern of immunoreactivity in nonepithelial cells from the axillary nodes of breast cancer patients: AE1 reactivity is consistently negative in the fibroblastic-type reticulum cells of the lymph node tissue, whereas AE3 is consistently positive (Figures 1 and 2, respectively).
Over the course of three days, AE2 Michael Boothe and AE3 Michael Landers chased an erroneous engine indication malfunction on a SH-60B.
Then, with meter in hand, the AE3 began reading for power at all the relay terminals.
AE3 Christopher Houston, assigned to the "Blackjacks" of HSC-21, reattaches a distributor harness to the environmental-control system of an MH-60S Sea Hawk helicopter at Naval Air Station North Island.
Similarly, a previous study by Doglioni et al[13] showed that fibroblastic reticulum cells were negative for AE1 antibody in 30 of 30 cases and 1% to 24% immunoreactivity with AE3 antibody.
The purpose of the 1996 AE3 is to showcase potential uses of information age technologies that allow Army commanders to gain real time access to critical information to increase battlefield situational awareness.
AE3 Corinna Benz of HS-3 installs a blade-fold harness on a blade of an SH-60F aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt (CVN-71).