AEACAgnes Etherington Art Centre (Ontario, Canada)
AEACÁlcool Etílico Anidro Combustível (Anhydrous Ethyl Alcohol Fuel; Brazil)
AEACArmy Education Advisory Committee
AEACAssociation Européenne d'Anatomie Clinique (French: European Association of Clinical Anatomy)
AEACAdult Entertainment Association of Canada
AEACAscorbic Acid Equivalent Antioxidant Capacity (food science)
AEACAlbers Equal-Area Conic
AEACAlternate Emergency Action Center
AEACAsian Executive Advancement Center (Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)
AEACArts in Education Aid Council, Inc. (Canoga Park, CA)
AEACArea Education Assessment Centre (Pakistan)
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AEAC is developing a two-place version of the airplane which it plans to certify under the primary category for a price under $200,000.
Con AEAC se pueden presentar nauseas, diarrea, hipotension ortostatica y vomitos (por inyeccion rapida); mialgias y mionecrosis; tambien puede causar congestion nasal, lagrimeo y erupcion cutanea.
ANEXO Guia para el Manejo Perioperatorio Producto Hemofilia A severa * Cirugia mayor Concentrado F VIII * Cirugia dental Concentrado FVIII; AEAC Hemofilia A leve * Cirugia mayor Desmopresina, si el nivel deseado 80% a 100%.
AEAC and its development partner Bye Aerospace are executing the initial R&D flight test operations with the solar-electric technology demonstrator at Centennial Airport near Denver.
Additional benefits include reduced maintenance due to fewer moving parts, low-noise flight, and solar recharging on the ground and in flight, said George Bye, CEO of AEAC.
AEAC was formed to produce and market, under license agreement from its technology partner, PC-Aero, a 2-seat solar-electric light sport aircraft named "Sun Flyer.
Johnson, who for the previous 4 years has been engaged with various projects to develop practical applications of electric propulsion systems for light aircraft, said AEAC intends to serve general aviation by providing a clean, renewable energy, durable, solar-electric aircraft.
The present plan has AEAC receiving an experimental prototype Sun Flyer aircraft at the end of the first development period.
AEAC will satisfy the purchase price for the shares of Cyper through the issuance of 20 million restricted common shares of AEAC or equivalent consideration, subject to regulatory guidelines and customary due diligence.
We are extremely pleased with our new direction into the industry of 3D Digital Animation" stated Pierre Quilliam, President of AEAC.
While AEAC regrets the inabilities of the parties to come to a final agreement, AEAC is proud to have had Wilf's interest in the company's visions and desires to produce clean air vehicles for the general population
AEAC will be contacting the other candidates that it had for the position as president and hopes to fill the position at the earliest possible time.