AEAIAssociation des Établissements Cantonaux d'Assurance Incendie (Bern, Switzerland)
AEAIAdvanced Engineering Associates International (est. 1986)
AEAIArt Education Association of Indiana, Inc.
AEAIAide et Action International (French: Aid and Action International; Geneva, Switzerland)
AEAIAwareness and Expression of Anger Indicator (psychology)
AEAIAssociation of Engineers and Architects in Israel
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The increasing focus on education is an important element of this meeting," said Francois Settembrino, former president of AEAI, now FERMA.
On this last item, until recently, RIMS and AEAI represented the only regional risk management associations.
RlMS had the International Cooperation Committee, AIRMIC had an international director, and AEAI had vice presidents separately responsible for matters within and outside the European Community (EC).
Then, in 1981, the first biannual risk management forum, co-sponsored by AEAI and RIMS, was held in Monte Carlo.
Francois Settembrino, risk manager of Tabacofina-Vander Elst in Belgium and president of AEAI, noted that since the conference began 13 years ago, AEAI has grown from six to the nine national member associations that are represented today.
Also in attendance were nine students sent by the nine member associations of AEAI.
For example, conferences were held this spring by risk management associations in the Philippines and the United Kingdom, the Indian, Mexican and Australian organizations will hold conferences in August, September and November, respectively, and RIMS and AEAI will hold their sixth joint "Risk Management Forum" in Monte Carlo on Oct.
In January, AEAI sponsored a meeting in Brussels that brought together academics from five countries and risk managers from seven countries to address the topic.
Receptions on Sunday and Tuesday evenings will be hosted by AEAI and RIMS and the Principality of Monaco, respectively.
PHOTO : RIMS President Ron Stasch (center), AEAI President Francois Settembrino of Belgium (left)
PHOTO : and AEAI Conference Co-Chairman Omer Leroy, also of Belgium, welcome conference attendees
Both conferences drew upon the expertise of their own members and risk managers from other IFRIMA member associations including RIMS, AEAI of Europe, IIIRM of India, AIRMIC of the United Kingdom and local and international insurance industry representatives.