AEAPAs Early As Possible
AEAPAs Easy as Possible
AEAPAtmospheric Effects of Aviation Project (FAA)
AEAPAssociation of Executive and Administrative Professionals (Falls Church, VA)
AEAPAmeriCorps Education Awards Program
AEAPAnnual Earnings Assessment Proceeding (California)
AEAPArkansas Employee Assistance Program (University of Arkansas)
AEAPAustralian-European Awards Program
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This indicates the formation of covalent bond between silanol group on the nanosilica surface, and AEAP was formed (4).
Estimo que es suficiente un primer dato: mientras que la AEAP reconoce en la actualidad la existencia de unas tres mil agencias de publicidad, de las que un porcentaje muy reducido son asociadas suyas, otras fuentes como el Instituto Nacional de Estadistica--a traves de la Clasificacion Nacional de Actividades Economicas--cifraba en 2005 la existencia de mas de veinte mil en la Comunidad de Madrid.
5) Asociacion Espanola de Agencias de Publicidad, AEAP online, http://www.
The hydrophobic surface of the DETDA-extended PUU film modified with a small amount of aminoethylaminopropyl polydimethylsiloxane (AEAPS) was observed and its hydrophobicity was enhanced by increasing the AEAPS content further.
Isophorone diisocyanate (IPDI, Degussa Co), AEAPS emulsion (2-8168, Dow Corning, particle sizeL: 37 nm, solid content: 20 wt.
Under vigorous stirring, AEAPS emulsion was dispersed into the PUU aqueous dispersion chain-extended by DETDA to prepare a modified PUU aqueous dispersion.
For enhancing the water resistance of waterborne PUU farther, the DETDA-extended PUU aqueous dispersions were modified with AEAPS and their physical properties are listed in Table 2.
Table 9 shows that the hardness and tensile strength of AEAPS-modified PUU films decrease due to the introduction of flexible AEAPS units in the systems.