AEBSAirport Extreme Base Station
AEBSAdvanced Engine Breathing Systems (San Diego, CA)
AEBSAnti-Estrogen Binding Site
AEBSAngers European Business Semester (student exchange program; Ecole Supérieure des Sciences Commerciales d'Angers)
AEBSApple Express Bus Service (La Crosse, WI)
AEBSaminoethyl benzene sulfonamide
AEBSAdvanced Emergency Braking System (automotive assistance application)
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Our results indicated that the phytochemical constituents of AEBS play an important role in hepatoprotective activity.
31] In this study, proven different doses of AEBS markedly decreased IB level (P < 0.
Consistently, we found that AEBS decreased serum globulin and LW.
Existing customers using LeftHand's current driver and protocol, Advanced Ethernet Block Storage (AEBS), will have the option to continue to use AEBS, move to iSCSI, or intermix application servers running AEBS and iSCSI within their IP SAN.
OnGuardACTIVE is the industrys first AEBS that complies with stringent European regulations and homologated on various commercial vehicle platforms by several leading manufacturers in that region.
This would include a detailed understanding of: - braking, steering and suspension systems - towing devices - tyres - lighting - electronic systems - active and passive vehicle safety systems and devices (including driver aids such as ESC, AEBS, Lane Departure systems etc - vehicle emissions (including vehicle noise) - international best practice for road safety and the multidisciplinary research in this area Response deadline (Irish time) 17-04-2015 18:00