AECIDAgencia Española de Cooperación Internacional Para el Desarrollo (Spanish: Spanish International Cooperation Agency for Development)
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In a pattern that would be repeated in Maca, Chivay, Ichupampa, Coporaque, Yanque--town after town on either side of the river--the AECID team brought in Spanish and Peruvian architects, structural engineers, art restorers, and other professionals.
We have trained 62 nurses in Bata and 47 in Malabo in collaboration with FUDEN and AECID to provide better health care in the country,"
Funded by: Agencia EspaEola de CooperaciEn para el Desarrollo - AECID
AECID and DTI are both organ donation organizations that are based in Barcelona, Spain, the leading country when it comes to organ donors, with 34 donors per 1 million citizens.
Tenders are invited for Evaluation of the Collaboration Between AECID and Institute for Women
It was opened with funding from AECID, the official Spanish Agency for international development cooperation and for humanitarian assistance.
The project is financed by the EU and will be executed through a centralized management with the French Agency for Development (AFD) and the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation and Development (AECID) AFD and AECID asked the support of ARAA for the recruitment of personnel.
We are very thankful to AECID for offering to build this center and providing us with the equipment.
On Tuesday, September 22, CHR and AECID officials led the groundbreaking ceremony at the site in the Regional Center at Carpenter Hill, this city.
Tenders are invited for Recruitment of four external audits, one for each annuity intervention and a final, for the "first response to sudden emergencies, sudden worsening of chronic crises" without specific geographical area, driven by Oxfam and AECID
Tender notice number : TD 15-003-BCN-A-bis Auditoria AECID