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AECLAtomic Energy of Canada Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Limited
AECLAustralian Egg Corporation Ltd.
AECLAircraft & Equipment Configuration List
AECLAdministrative Exposure Control Level
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AECL chief executive officer Ahmed Marashde said: "Consumers don't only want to enjoy casual dining food inside the restaurants but also want to enjoy the same taste in the comfort of their homes, hence a lot of casual dining restaurants have started home delivery services.
AECL has been conducting assessments and tests on a number of potential technical solutions in order to create tighter seal joints that meet operating standards.
David Keys, as scientific advisor to the president of AECL, observed that a feasibility project involving Canadian power companies (notably the Ontario Hydro Electric Power Commission) had begun, and needed to be seen to be in the game:
CANDU reactors already supply 52 percent of the electricity in Ontario, and the federal and Ontario governments now face important policy decisions about the future of the nuclear industry and, more specifically, about the funding and organization of AECL, including its laboratories at Chalk River, Ontario.
As part of the licence renewal, AECL was required to complete a number of safety upgrades to bring the reactor up to international standards.
Members of AECL (1994) have estimated a maximum of 2590 injuries and 12 deaths during 64 years of construction, operation, and decommissioning.
For AECL, the answer was branding--creating an effective umbrella under which to sell, not just a product, but the integrated intellectual capital of its business partners.
In recent years, former Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien made promoting Canadian-made reactors, known as CANDUs, a priority on trade missions abroad, and the government subsidizes the industry directly, with more than $75 million a year given to AECL.
Recently the company was awarded the Atomic Energy of Canada contract as the single-source supplier, including all MRO (maintenance, repair and operations) components that AECL consumes.
The Chinese government sent one of its spies -- posing as a correspondent for the People's Daily, China's Communist Party newspaper -- to Canada in the late 1960s to establish a variety of contacts, particularly with those involved with AECL, according to the Globe and Mail.