AEDBAlternative Energy Development Board
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AEDB in light of SRO 575(1)12006 issued duty exemption certificates for a large number of solar panels / solar modules to private sector companies for installation / generation of almost 64.
AEDB in light of SRO 575(1)12006 issued duty exemption certificates for a large number of solar panels/solar modules to private sector companies for installation/generation of almost 64.
Four (4) companies have submitted the feasibility studies of their projects and one feasibility study has been approved by AEDB.
Chairman AEDB said additional ten projects with a total capacity of 500 MW would be completed in 2013 which will guarantee a dependable supply to the national grid.
He suggested that AEDB should issue NOC after taking all stake-holders on board and launch one-window operation.
Sources said AEDB has prepared draft rules for distributed generation, covering electricity generation from solar at domestic level, and submitted the same to National Electric Power Regulatory Authority NEPRA for announcement.
AEDB representative replied that this technique was not appreciated internationally and even by India where they were generating 18000 MW from wind, 3000 MW from hydro and 1000 MW from solar energy.
The Minister also asked AEDB to complete the procedure for alternative energy projects and provide investors one window facility.
While presiding over 27th board meeting of Alternative Development Energy Board (AEDB) the Minister said that AEDB should play its role as one window facilitator and to work for bringing investment for the Renewable Energy projects.
Currently, 45 Wind Power Projects of around 3200 MW capacity are under process, said the CEO of AEDB Arif Allaudin.
Amjad said that the AEDB has issued over 25 Letter of Interest (LoI) to various solar projects having 663 MW accumulative capacity so far adding that all these projects would attain commercial operations date (COD) by 2018.
Asjad Imtiaz Ali, chief executive officer at AEDB, called the tax, which came into effect in July, an "inadvertent mistake" by the government one he hopes will soon be rectified.