AEDEAgricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics (Ohio State University)
AEDEAsociacion Espanola de Egiptologia (Spanish: Spanish Association of Egyptology; est. 1986)
AEDEAsia Eco-Design Electronics (various locations)
AEDEAnnual Effective Dose Equivalent
AEDEAssociation Europeene des Enseignants (French: European Association of Teachers)
AEDEAlliance for Ecological Design Education
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The fact to keep in mind is that dengue viruses are transmitted primarily by the Aedes aegypti mosquito, a vector that's hardly found in the Sultanate.
The most common mosquitoes collected were Culex quinquefasciatus Say (35%), Cx erraticus Dyar and Knab (34%), Cx nigripalpus Theobald (20%), Cx interrogator Dyar and Knab (6%), and Aedes albopictus (3%).
The total number of Aedes eggs on the egg strips was counted under a stereomicroscope (SMZ 1500, Nikon, Melville, NY).
Genetic approaches to the study of vector competency in Aedes aegypti.
Releases of the genetically engineered Oxitec mosquito, commonly known as 'Friendly Aedes aegypti', reduced the dengue mosquito population in an area of Juazeiro, Brazil by 95%, well below the modelled threshold for epidemic disease transmission.
Meanwhile, the key to dengue control is to tackle the root of this problem by denying Aedes mosquitoes any chance to breed.
Dengue vector mosquitoes in Japan: the role of Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti in the 1942-1944 dengue epidemics of Japanese Main Islands.
Aedes aegypti, the main dengue vector in many dengue-endemic countries including India, is highly adapted household-container breeder (7).
The health ministry called on the public to get rid of any objects containing standing, clean water, such as old tyres or empty bottles, as these are the preferred breeding spots of the Aedes mosquito.
But this is the first time there has been semi-field testing on Aedes Aegypti, in outdoor cages in far north Queensland.
Humoral inhibition of host-seeking in Aedes aegypti during oocyte maturation.
The ornamental plants of peri-domestic areas and plantations of pineapple were surveyed to estimate the extent of plants associated with breeding of Aedes in the chikungunya affected wards.