AEDLAdvanced Engineering Design Laboratory (University of Saskatchewan; Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)
AEDLApplied Engineering and Development Laboratory (Lockheed Martin Idaho Technologies Company)
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Agilent's AEDL series linear encoders are designed to provide precision performance while making assembly and integration as easy as possible -- all at a very competitive price," said Chong Khin Mien, vice president for the Motion Control Products Division in Agilent's Semiconductor Products Group.
Agilent's AEDL series of linear encoders can be supplied in measurement lengths from 5 mm to 2200 mm, with a traversing speed of up to 16 m/s, and resolutions of 0.
Agilent AEDL series linear encoders are priced at approximately $380 per meter in 2000-piece quantities.
Copsey, group leader for Geon plastics technology and director of the AEDL, said the new material being developed for hot runners is similar to the PVC alloy to be employed for structural blow molding.
The second step, now under way at the AEDL, will be to develop the necessary blow molding process technology, mold design and part prototyping, according to Knechtges.