AEDPAAnti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act
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For a general description of AEDPA and how it changed federal habeas corpus practice, see 1 RANDY HERTZ & JAMES S.
See Dawn Marie Johnson, The AEDPA and the IIRIRA: Treating Misdemeanors as Felonies for Immigration Purposes, 27 J.
It held that "[e]ven if we agreed that the [accomplice-liability] instruction was ambiguous, the Court of Appeals still erred in finding that the instruction was so ambiguous as to cause a federal constitutional violation, as required for us to reverse the state court's determination under AEDPA.
AEDPA -- Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act
Act's modification of the AEDPA, but limited the injunction to the
Under the AEDPA, "material support" already included financing, weapons and explosives, lethal substances, training, personnel, facilities, lodging, safe houses, communications equipment, transportation, and "other physical assets.
43) AEDPA, which took effect on April 24, 1996, established a one-year limit for filing a [section] 2254 habeas corpus petition attacking a state court conviction.
146) Commencing after passage of AEDPA and IIRIRA, the INS initiated approximately two-dozen deportation proceedings around the country, charging, detaining and opposing relief on the basis of evidence it refused to reveal, claiming it would compromise the security of the United States.
Some might see the idea of a democracy of rights as a cruel joke in the light of such statutes as IIRIRA, AEDPA, and the PLRA.
That is largely because they have not been required to, in light of the Justice Department's Brady policy and the effects of AEDPA.