AEICAssociation of Edison Illuminating Companies
AEICAdvance Earned Income Credit
AEICAlaska Earthquake Information Center
AEICAdvanced Earned Income Credit
AEICAnalytical Environmental Immunochemical Consortium
AEICAssociate Editor-In-Chief
AEICAssociation des Étudiant(e)s Infirmiers(ières) du Canada (Canadian Nursing Student's Association)
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In addition to the direct impact of increased federal spending on energy R&D like that recommended by AEIC, some suggest that it could stimulate increased levels of private sector investment in addition to increased collaboration with federal research activities.
2 n/a Source: Battelle/R&D Magazine/Company information Proposed AEIC Energy Billions, R&D Model Budget U.
To assist teachers in making the conceptual and practical bridges between participating in the arts and thinking about the meaning of those experiences for education, AEIC hires "bridge-builders," one of whom was Claire.
Both teachers have attended AEIC, both have been bridge-builders, and both agreed to use the aesthetic themes in planning a unit of their choosing.
This rejection appears to be solely a function of the cointegrating relationship between AEIC and EIC, since neither the relationship between the two Bank stocks nor the two South Sea stocks reject the hypothesis that they are the only assets involved in their long-run vectors.
AEIC was founded by Thomas Edison and his associates in 1885 and is one of the most experienced associations in the electric energy industry.
The holotype is a female specimen deposited in AEIC and collected in Malaysia (Malaya, Negeri Sembilan, Pasoh Forest Reserve).
Comunicacion presentada en el II Congreso Nacional de Metodologia de la investigacion en comunicacion de la AEIC, Segovia.
is built on a modular basis, which enables an upgrade to AEIC (computerized ink control).
2008), "Red social en formato mapa de burbujas: puerta del futuro en las relaciones con los medios", Congreso Fundacional de la AEIC, Facultad de Ciencias de la Comunicacion, 31 de enero-2 de febrero, Santiago de Compostela.
Comunicacion presentada al I Congreso de la AEIC (Santiago de Compostela).
Given the historical profitability and financial flexibility of Eastern Re Ltd SPC in terms of dividend capacity, debt servicing is not expected to be funded via dividends from EAIC, AEIC or EAAC.