AELGAuckland Engineering Lifelines Group
AELGAdult ESOL (English as a Second Language) Literacy and GED (General Equivalency Diploma)
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Kandeh Yumkella, the UN Secretary- General's Special Representative for the SE4All initative, the parent of the AELG programme, said.
Bringing together senior decision-makers in African businesses and governments to deal with Africa's energy challenge and to speed up electricity production across the continent with investors pledging to invest funds and government establishing safe regulatory and legal frameworks aimed at boosting larger scale national and cross-border production is what the AELG is about.
AELG (2005) Resources available for response and recovery of lifeline utilities.
The AELG will be similar to the founding of the European Union by a small group of four to six countries focused on expanding the economic opportunity of their citizens by optimising the use of coal and enhancing the competitiveness of their steel industries.