AEMAAlabama Emergency Management Agency
AEMAAccessibility Equipment Manufacturers Association (est. 1990)
AEMAAsphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association
AEMAAustralian Early Medieval Association (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
AEMAAuger Electron Microanalysis
AEMAAsociación Española de la Ecología y Medio Ambiente (Spain)
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We added another model (model II) that further adjusted for extra variation due to body weight growth (finwt) for the pre-adjusted growth and ultrasound scanned measures (DAYS90, ABF, AEMA, and ARCP).
The parameters estimated from model III for DAYS90, ABF, and AEMA were similar to previous reports.
Through its multi-stakeholder approach, AEMA will help to represent the interests of consumers.
We are eager to get started as a group," states Frank Lacey of Comverge and Vice Chair of the AEMA Board.
Johnson Controls is excited to be a part of AEMA and its mission to advocate for policies that enable customers to more effectively use technology to reduce costs for themselves and all end users," stated Bruce Campbell of Johnson Controls and Secretary/Treasurer of AEMA.
Communicate news and results related to the AEMA Network, and spread the word of good practice in Adult Education
Baird helped prepare AEMA comments on the National Strategic and Critical Minerals Production Act of 2013 which passed the U.
AEMA supports major databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 and MS Access.
We are excited about what this new functionality brings to the market," said Larry Nakashima, Product Manager for AEMA.
Based on inputs from ISO auditors with over 10 years of experience in the field, InfoSynergy's AEMA delivers a solution to fully automate, maintain and manage an organization's Quality & Environmental Management System featuring centralized management, real-time access and an effortless transition to ISO 9001:2000.
IgA class AEmAs were assayed by immunofluorescence on monkey esophagus sections (Virimmun) (22).
All seven were negative for AEmAs and AtTGAs, but three of them had increased AGAs.