AEMETAgencia Estatal de Meteorología (Spanish: State Meteorological Agency; est. 2006)
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The ASM221 integrates SUNFX-PLC software based, hardware accelerated modem and analog front-end, Accent's AEMET energy measurement as well as ample processing and non-volatile storage capability, enabling the industry's first single-chip, scalable and future-proof meter solution.
Web-based Weather Visualization: A real-time, GIS-based weather visualization tool called StreamerRT will simultaneously monitor multiple weather layers, including the weather network, and provide alerts from AEMET, the national meteorological service of Spain, in real-time for rapid visualization of changing weather conditions.
Invitation to tender : Detailed Project Description The scheduled work includes the part of the development plan in the Quartier AEMET the stages perform the following infrastructure: * Construction of new roads, sidewalks and parking lots * Place shapes (surfaces) * New Footpaths (corridors) * Street Drainage (SA), incl.