AEMMAlliance of Episcopal Maritime Ministries
AEMMASEM (Asia-Europe Meeting) Economic Ministers Meeting
AEMMAPEC (Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation) Education Ministerial Meeting
AEMMAge-Adjusted Effective Modulus Method (engineering)
AEMMAntenna and EM (Electromagnetic) Modeling with MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory; book)
AEMMASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations)-EU (European Union) Ministerial Meeting
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The strain predicted by AEMM is lower than that predicted by EMM but higher than those by the other three methods.
However, the case of type B test in Figure 13 shows that the presented model predicts a strain larger than that of AEMM and SSM.
We support efforts for economies to cooperate on education best practices such as through the development of APEC Education Cooperation strategies, based on the report of the Education Cooperation Project to be submitted to the 6th AEMM.
At the closing of the 6th AEMM, the participating ministers and heads of delegations issued a leaders' declaration.
Austria will dispatch a special envoy, while Denmark, Ireland, Portugal and the Netherlands have not confirmed the levels of their delegations, Bounkeut said, adding that the number of European ministers that are confirmed to attend is much more than the previous AEMM.
The AEMM has been stalled since 1997 because the EU refuses to sit down with Myanmar's ruling military junta due to its poor human rights record and the absence of democracy in the country.
With the general theme of "Inclusive and Quality Education", the 6th AEMM held its opening ceremony this morning.
Accompanying Mr Ng to attend the AEMM are the Administrative Assistant to the SED, Mr Edward Yu, and the Principal Education Officer (Quality Assurance and School-based Support), Miss Lau Kar-shin.
The AEMM is due to be held in Europe because the ASEAN side hosted the last meeting in Singapore, but France, which will hold the EU chairmanship after Portugal, supported a meeting in Laos because the EU is reluctant to ease its ban on Myanmar's generals.
But Myanmar's attendance at the AEMM does not bring the same benefits because the EU will not sign a pact with Yangon, which was admitted to ASEAN with Laos in 1997.
And as it was agreed at the first planning meeting for the 6th AEMM (China, Beijing), the APEC Education Strategy will be developed and submitted to the 6th AEMM scheduled from the October 4-6, 2016 for adoption.
Preparatory sessions to the 6th AEMM, including developing a shared vision of the future agenda of the 6th AEMM and final drafting of documents to the AEMM (the Concept Note for Preparatory Sessions to the 6th AEMM is attached).